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Do you take on people who don’t have recruitment experience? 

Absolutely!  If you share the Proco values and you are genuinely excited by what you have read about us then we want to hear from you.  

We are looking for people who are ambitious, passionate and excited by this unique career development opportunity. 

We have a number of researchers and consultants who joined us with little-to-no recruitment experience – in fact two of our top billers last year both came from non-recruitment backgrounds.  

If you are commercial, confident and have a background in account management, B2B sales or business development, then we want to hear from you.  All we ask is that you come with the right attitude to succeed and a desire to be part of the Proco journey. 

I have never worked in supply chain before – will this hold me back? 

The short answer is no. About 75% of our new starters have never worked within supply chain recruitment before joining Proco Associates. We hired them because they shared our values and had the desire to succeed. 

We have a growing team of functional experts working in our offices around the world. They are always on hand to provide on-the-job training and development. 

Supply chain management is always evolving, so we have a culture of continuous learning. It is the only way we can provide the best service to our clients. 

We are passionate about learning from each other here, even if we are not based in the same location. This is one of the benefits of being a truly global organisation – the answer to your query might be just a Skype call away! 

Is there really much opportunity for me to grow my career recruiting for supply chain? 

Until recently, the supply chain industry hasn't received a huge amount of exposure.

But supply chain leaders are now sitting on the board, and for good reason. Their roles have evolved from being largely technical to more strategic in scope, influencing 60-70% of a business' total costs. In a nutshell, organisations now see their supply chain as critical to business growth as it influences their ability to stay competitive. 

We can only see this trend continuing - it is the reason for our continued growth. There is real scope for the right person to carve out an exciting career path in this growing functional area. 

You say you are a global company – what exactly does this mean on a daily basis? 

We know that the word global is thrown around a lot by organisations with very little relevance to how the business operates. But at Proco Associates, it means more than dots on a map; supply chains operate all over the world, so we do too. 

With a network of nine offices we are working across a number of time zones and locations at any one time. To help facilitate this, Skype and video conferencing are set up on every desktop. 

In fact, the Proco family is made up of over 18 different nationalities speaking 16 different languages, working together to achieve the same goal. This stems largely from one of our core brand values; unity. 

How easy is it for me to move offices internationally? 

We will always hire you to work in the location where you have initially applied for a role. However, we not only accept international movement - we actively encourage it.  

We are always on the hunt for ambitious people who have an interest in living and working abroad.  The nature of our business means that we are often relocating our consultants to develop and expand our existing and new offices.  Our strategy is to grow so that we can best service our clients, wherever they are located in the world. If that means moving good people that is what we will do. 

We will work with you from the beginning to integrate any relocation aspirations you might have with your overarching career goals.  At Proco the world really is your oyster! 

Are there set KPIs that I will have to work towards? 

We are not a business driven by KPIs, but we do hold high expectations of all our consultants.  This is because we are expanding at an accelerated pace and we want to ensure we take everyone with us on this exciting journey. 

We have a style of management that is very different to many recruitment businesses. Essentially, as soon as you have delivered on your initial objectives set by your manager, you will within the broad definition of your role, have the autonomy to organise your own work and day-to-day activities. 

This is an important philosophy for us: we are a hungry, ambitious business, and we hire hungry, ambitious people. We, therefore, give you the opportunity and autonomy you need to succeed. Your manager won’t sit on your shoulder or micro-manage. 

Many new joiners tell us how liberating they find this culture. 

Are there plans to open offices in new international locations? 

We have big expansion plans for the future and are always keen to open new offices. However, it is not a decision that we take lightly. It is vital that we have the right people on board to make a new office a success. 

If you have an idea for a new Proco Associates location, please do let us know. 

What sort of training and development do you offer your staff? 

Whatever your role within Proco Associates, we are committed to giving you the training and support you need to thrive and help us drive growth. 

Personalised training and development  
In the first few weeks of your time with Proco Associates, your manager will agree specific objectives with you and explain how they will support you in your first six months. 

We don’t have a cookie-cutter approach. We believe in personalised and tailored training.  

Proco buddy scheme 
We have established a buddy scheme to help new joiners settle in. Your buddy will be a colleague from a different office who will be a friend and sounding board during your first six months with Proco Associates. It’s very likely that they had similar questions when they first joined, or have faced similar issues in the past 

How do consultants work with researchers at Proco Associates? 

We have a ratio of one researcher to every two consultants. We find that this is the perfect combination to allow consultants to deliver the best for our clients. 

Our integrated worldwide team of researchers play a pivotal role in identifying, sourcing, building and developing relationships with our candidates. 

They map the market and proactively develop a candidate pool of specialist talent for our clients on a daily basis. They are the foundation of the Proco Associates business model and provide consultants with the insight and market intelligence they need. 

You keep talking about a challenger brand – what does this mean? 

We are very proud to be a challenger brand, it is part of our DNA.  This means that as a business, our goal is to go against the grain and do things differently.   

Yes, we know all recruitment companies say this, but as a relatively young business we have no other option but to be different. It is the only way that we can continue to achieve success and grow our market share. 

Some iconic challenger brands include Virgin, Innocent and Benefit Cosmetics.  All of these brands have the common challenger brand mentality and a very clear outspoken brand personality. 

We are passionate about reinventing the world of recruitment for our clients, our candidates and just as importantly the people who work for us. 

What does this mean from a recruitment perspective? As a relatively new business we know that doing things right the first time is paramount – we go above and beyond on every mandate not only because we genuinely enjoy what we do, but because we need to continue to impress our clients.  We also offer the industry a unique approach to executive search and have a very clear point of difference from our competitors. 

Tell me about the culture at Proco Associates – am I going to enjoy working here? 

It may sound clichéd, but the Proco Associates work culture is all about our people.  

Finding  the right people for our business is very important to us.  We describe the people who work here as being ‘Proco’  because they share our values and are a very friendly and welcoming bunch who enjoy each other’s company.  

Hailing from many different corporate and cultural backgrounds means we are extremely open minded. 

In addition, we are extremely hard-working, ambitious and enthusiastic, and provide an ideal working environment for personalised long-term career development and progression. 

If that is what you are looking for you will fit right in! 

What sort of rewards and incentives are in place? 

We very much believe in recognising our staff's hard work and we have a series of staggered incentives across all levels. 

Our incentive scheme is designed to reward employees for financial performance, living and breathing our brand values, loyalty, social engagement and internal recruitment referrals.  

We also offer an uncapped commission scheme  and, for fee-earning staff at Executive Consultant level and above, additional benefits such as healthcare coverage and an equity scheme.