Our ambition has seen us expand all around the globe. We’re looking for people who can sell to the world.

As a dynamic and rapidly expanding international executive search company Proco Associates is always looking for the most talented people to join our team. We have an individual and refreshing approach to recruitment, and we are keen to talk to individuals with a similar outlook.

We know that skills and experience are important, but believe that personality and attitude are even more so. If you're interested in becoming one of our consultants, please get in touch.

We do things differently. We're constantly challenging ourselves and the status quo, so you'll need an exceptional work ethic and drive to succeed.

Why Proco Associates?

  • 11 Worldwide Offices

    including New York, Singapore and Sao Paulo, with more offices to open in the coming months.

  • The Proco Associates culture

    A culture that encourages play and self expression alongside the focus and hard work you need to succeed.

Proco Associates Specialists on careers at Proco Associates

I am enjoying working with ambitious people around me!



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Around the world, we’ve realised potential and driven people’s careers forward.

What we're looking for

Wherever in the world you’ll work for Proco Associates, the key qualities we look for in our people are the same worldwide.

  • Communication

    Both in listening and delivering the big picture message. 

  • Positivity

    Lots of it. You’ll need to take the knocks and come back stronger. 

  • Tenacity

    What we do takes great expertise, but also great perseverance. 

  • Business Awareness

    Knowing what’s important in business and human resourcing

Think you’ve got what it takes? Find out what we can bring to your future.